Access a once unattainable asset class regardless of income, credit history, or net worth.

Our strategies help guide you through the maze of today’s investment environment. For years, individuals have been limited to investing in public stocks and bonds. Now you can invest in private real estate to improve your expected returns.

Data-driven decision making


Investors want to make decisions that affect their personal wealth based on critical research. Our network of real estate professionals extends across the country and provides us with information to make the best investment choices available. Of the hundreds of investment opportunities we review, fewer than 5% meet our rigorous standard.

Asset appreciation

To acquire assets with a high potential to grow in value, an investor must anticipate emerging neighborhood growth and buy ahead of major demographic shifts.

Return on investment (ROI)

You earn returns from an annual cash dividend and via appreciation of your pro-rata portion of property. Dividends are distributed every calendar year.

We don’t believe in “modern portfolio theory”


We follow a value investing strategy of buying investments for less than what we believe they are worth. We maintain a long-term outlook and never overreact to good or bad news that does not correspond with long-term fundamentals. Make a single investment with us and get “diversified” across multiple properties.

Getting started is easy

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